Language assistants constitute a central part inside the Bilingual Programme in the Community of Madrid. The number of language assistants has increased over the past years. During the school year 2021/2022, the Language Assistant Programme counts with more than 2700 university graduates from English speaking countries. They not only reinforce the students'  language learning  but bring cultural values and complement the work of teachers in the classroom.

The Directorate General of Bilingualism and Quality of Education offers the on line course "Auxiliares de Conversación de la Comunidad de Madrid" that will take place along the school year 2021/2022. The aim of this course  is to guide the performance of language assistants in the classrooms, and to support them for further training along the academic year.

eThis course "Auxiliares de Conversación de la Comunidad de Madrid 2021-2022 " comprises five units:

  1. M1 The experiences of other LAs.
  2. M2 Spanish Education System.
  3. M3 Samples of External Evaluations.
  4. M4 Resources and Portfolio Submissions.
  5. M5 Final Project